Cold/Freezer Rooms

Cold/Freezer rooms Insulated panels are widely used in areas that require temperature control such as,
– Cold rooms/ chillers
– Freezer rooms
– Process faclilities (HACCP/PPECB/SABS)
– Insulated containers (BTS, spaza and phone shops)
– Trailers ( fast food and coffee bars)
– Modular building
– Temperature controlled packaging facility (all types of fruit and veg)
– De greening/ ripening rooms
– Chicken hatching and broiler houses
– Abattoirs
– Pulling down tunnels
– Wine cellars
– Controlled atmosphere (CA) rooms – Pack sheds

Prefab Units

The prefabricated modular system is a quick and cost effective method of construction. Our system has been accredited by Agreement SA meaning that the system has met the norms and standards of the construction industry. Our range of insulated panels are used for,
– Mobile classrooms
– Mobile kitchens
– Low cost housing
– Office and site office units
– Computer laboratories
– Science laboratories
– Mobile clinics and hospitals
– Churches – Kiosks
– Accommodation units
– Ablution units
These units are supported on either a mild steel base frame or a concrete slab.
These units also allow for installation of aluminium windows and doors, while the floors can be finished using vinyl tiles, galvanized sheeting, aluminium vastrap sheeting, laminated wood finish and rubber interlocking tiles.


we offer a wide range and widths of insulated doors with airtight seals and heavy duty hardware with the necessary safety mechanisms such as,
– chiller hinged and sliding doors
– freezer hinged and sliding doors
– double and single personal hinged doors
– fire rated doors
– fire escape doors
– vertical lift doors
– glass doors
– walk in chiller and freezer units

Insulated Trailers

Different types of trailers can be built using our insulated panel system to suit the clients requirements and specification. The system offers much needed insulation, durability and it is light weight.
Our insulated panels are used to manufacture a range of trailer like,
– Mobile chiller/freezer trailers
– Food and beverage vendor trailers (fast foods and coffee bars)
– Mobile library trailers
– Mobile computer trailers

Civil works

As part of our turnkey solution and where necessary our civil teams will survey and prepare the site for construction work or erection of the mobile structures.
The scope includes site clearance, excavation, laying of G7 and G5 insitu layers and finally compacting of the platform to the necessary mod ashto.
Our services also include shuttering and casting of concrete slabs to the engineers specification.
Our teams are also equipped to do general building maintenance and repairs.