Begin BTS / Containers

With our insulated panel, we are able to speedily and cost-effectively manufacture insulated containers for:

BTS (Base Transceiver Solutions) used by the cellular industries. These units are designed to withstand harsh conditions and conform to strict standards. The base frame is manufactured according to engineers specifications using either grade 304 stainless steel or mild steel lipped channel hot dipped galvanised to coastal specification. These containers are equipped with an air tigfht and dust proof door as well as hold down eyes for easy anchorage of the container onto the concrete base on mountain tops, Greenfield sites and roof tops.

Spaza Shops/Community Services Phone shops/Internet Café/Nutrition Soup Kitchens/Kiosks and Security Booths. These units are built on hot dipped galvanised base frames. They are also equipped with doors, windows and service hatches as required by the client for natural lights and circulation of air.

All insulated containers can be easily moved using a hyster, pallet jack or a crane truck. Our insulated containers are also available in kit form (crated) for the export market.