With a sophisticated cut to length panel manufacturing machine which roll forms to a unique tongue and groove joint which is then laminated using an industrial polyurethane adhesive to either a polystyrene, rod wool or poly urethane inner core. A range of Chromadek, FRP, IBR, Stainless Steel and Aluminium panels are manufactured.

We ensure that only the highest quality materials are used on the manufacturing process which complies with environmental and international standards from sourcing of raw materials and die-cast aluminium sections.

SPM prides itself in only using ‘FR’ (flame retardant) Polystyrene in the manufacturing process.

Panel thickness and lengths are manufactured in accordance with room temperature requirements and/or client specifications.

Our modular panel width is 1190mm wide and 1100mm wide SPM IBR root profile that could be laminated to various thickness and density of core materials.

Panels can be manufactured to any transportable length.

SPM also hosts its in-house engineering and chemical departments.